Hello everybody, this is John Porcaro, Webmaster of the 97/WWDJ Memorial Page. When I started this site in August of 1998, the purpose of it was to be a depository for information relating to this Top40 New York market radio station that lasted a little under three years (nothing fancy, just plain old info!). I loved the station, it was great to have while driving back & forth to school and also cruising around at night with my friends. I am inviting anybody that was a fan of this station to go back to some of the links I have below just to revisit some of the memories. I haven't done much with it in the last 10 years , but then again I think I've pretty much covered everything I could . I've been fortunate that people have giving me information, graphics, etc. that I could share on this page. 

That being said, John Brown, former Music Director at the station has given me two pictures that I did not have before, one of former DJ Ronnie Grant and one of the Magic Bus! 

I've also included an aircheck link to give you some taste of what the station sounded like that last weekend (lots of Steve Clark) . A lot of funny stuff!

Thanks again to everybody who helped me with this page over the last 26 years (Yikes!!!).



Last Day's airchecks



Picture provided by Evan Dakes


[WWDJ History] - Though 97/WWDJ was around for less than 3 years, much talent & innovative programming occurred at that station.

[WWDJ Alumni Articles]  - Over the last two years that I have done this Tribute page to 97/WWDJ, I have met many of the people (DJ's & others) who worked there. Here are articles they have contributed to the WWDJ Tribute page. 

[WWDJ Lineup & Air Schedule] - What radio personalities passed through the doors of 97/WWDJ and when they were on.

[WWDJ Surveys] - Listed from each year of 97/WWDJ's short existence. There are the weekly and the year-end surveys, plus The 2 Memorial Day 500 lists.

[Arbitron Ratings] - From the time of 97/WWDJ's existence.

[The 97/WWDJ Memorial page] - In memory of staff that have passed from this life

[The WWDJ Museum] - This is a collection of various photographs & graphics sent to me.

[WOR-FM/WWDJ/WXLO Connection] - If you were a fan of New York Radio in the 70's, you noticed that 2 spots on the radio dial shared many DJ's. Those 2 spots being 970AM & 98.7FM.

[Other New York Radio Ventures] The WWDJ  DJ's have had various New York Radio positions(other than WOR-FM/WXLO).

[WWDJ FINANCIALS]- Here is their financial performance the whole time 97/WWDJ was Top40.


[DAILY NEWS]- In honor of 97/WWDJ 30 year anno of hitting the New York radio airways, David Hinkley did an article on the station.


Various Sound files




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