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[WWDJ History] - Though 97/WWDJ was around for less than 3 years, much talent & innovative programming occurred at that station.

[WWDJ Alumni Articles]  - Over the last two years that I have done this Tribute page to 97/WWDJ, I have met many of the people (DJ's & others) who worked there. Here are articles they have contributed to the WWDJ Tribute page. 

[WWDJ Lineup & Air Schedule] - What radio personalities passed through the doors of 97/WWDJ and when they were on.

[WWDJ Surveys] - Listed from each year of 97/WWDJ's short existence. There are the weekly and the year-end surveys, plus The 2 Memorial Day 500 lists.

[Arbitron Ratings] - From the time of 97/WWDJ's existence.

[The 97/WWDJ Memorial page] - In memory of staff that have passed from this life

[The WWDJ Museum] - This is a collection of various photographs & graphics sent to me.

[WOR-FM/WWDJ/WXLO Connection] - If you were a fan of New York Radio in the 70's, you noticed that 2 spots on the radio dial shared many DJ's. Those 2 spots being 970AM & 98.7FM.

[Other New York Radio Ventures] The WWDJ  DJ's have had various New York Radio positions(other than WOR-FM/WXLO).

[WWDJ FINANCIALS]- Here is their financial performance the whole time 97/WWDJ was Top40.


[DAILY NEWS]- In honor of 97/WWDJ 30 year anno of hitting the New York radio airways, David Hinkley did an article on the station.


Various Sound files




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