WWDJ Alumni Articles


Marian Lawston (now Velivis) worked at 97/WWDJ during the last part of its existence.

She graciously shares her experiance:Marian Lawston(now Velivis)

Gary Russell had 2 stints at WWDJ. He was also DJ's last Top40 air personality that Sunday 3/31/74. Here he graciously shares some of his radio experiences. Click here to read:[Gary Russell Looks Back]

Nick Anthony was WWDJ's first Program Director. Nick was kind enough to share his experience at WWDJ and the vision they had when the station went top40. Nick talks about some of the other stations he was at as well. Click here to read:[Nick Anthony Reflects]

Doug "Bobby" Finck(better know as Robert K. Oliver,RKO onWXLO) was gracious to write about his experience in New York radio. Click here to read:[Doug "Bobby" Finck remembers]    

Though Bill Rock(Chuck Cooper as he was known on WWDJ) worked only weekends there, he went on to much prominence in New York Radio, and in television. Click here to read:[A Few Words From Bill Rock(Chuck Cooper]

To anybody who listened to WWDJ, the one Disc Jockey that is always remembered is Bwana Johnny. He was kind enough to submit an article about his time in Hackensack. Click here to read:[Bwana Johnny Says Hello]

[Sean Casey Interview] - From a local newspaper during the time of 97/WWDJ's existence.

Bradley Hatchfield was at WWDJ from the beginning to the end of its Top40 run. Here he shares some of his experiences. - [WWDJ- The Magic, The Memories]

Dave Gary(Afternoon Talk Show Host at 570/WVMI Biloxi, Mississippi) was at WWDJ during the last run of its Top40 run. Here he tells of those last days.[WWDJ- Some Last Day's Memories]

Ken Mosier did an article on the station in one of the local newpapers back in 1973. That is featured in this web sight and was there right from the beginning[Sean Casey Interview] . Later he worked at WWDJ. Here is his story:[KEN MOSIER-28 YEARS LATER]

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