Daily News radio report 05/12/1971


Daily News radio listing from 05/16 & 05/17/1971


 Mike Greenzeig Collection(lots of good stuff!)

[The Mike Greenzeig Collection]

Photos from Catherine Plescia(Cathie Regan) -Catherine was "Continuity Director" at 97/WWDJ and thanks to her, we have photos from that era.

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[WWDJ Newspaper Ad] - Supplied by Vince Santarelli

[WWDJ Ad on the side of a milk carton] - Supplied by Vince Santarelli

[WWDJ Beach Bag] - Supplied by Bradley Hatchfield

[Bwana Johnny newspaper article] - Supplied by Allen Kaufhold

[WWDJ Postcard] - Supplied by Allen Kaufhold

[Gary Russell] - Supplied by Allen Kaufhold

[Bwana Johnny] - Supplied by Allen Kaufhold

[Mike Phillips] - Supplied by Allen Kaufhold

[WWDJ Clothing Patch] - Supplied by Kenny Kaplan  

[WWDJ Super Hits Offer ad] - Thanks to Wayne Scott Sandifer for this contribution.

[97/WWDJ Top 500 poster] - Thanks to Tom Mitchell for this contribution.

[Bwana Johnny autograph]- Thanks to Nancy Z for this contribution.

[Bus ad] - Thanks to Marty Glenn Siegel for this contribution.


[97/DJ Shirt] - Supplied by Marian Lawston (Velivis)

[Bwana Johnny business card] - Supplied by Mike McCann

[Frisbee & Door Mat] - Supplied by Mike Greenzeig

[Studio Pictures] - Supplied by Mark Robinson

[Joe Conway]  - Picture of Joe Conway as a DJ at WWDJ

Before 970AM was 97/WWDJ, it was WJRZ, which broadcast the METS. Here is a button it promoted:[THE METS BUTTON]

Most radio stations did greatest hits albums. 97/WWDJ was no exception. Here is a picture of both sides of the album [WWDJ Album]

[WWDJ Shirt] - Supplied by Evan Dakes

                        Survey pictures

[Sean Casey] - bought on Ebay 

[WWDJ  picture with The Osmonds] - bought on Ebay

[WWDJ Holiday Survey] - Supplied by Joe Persek

[WWDJ Survey picture with Al Brady & Fan] - Supplied by Joe Persek

[WWDJ Survey pictures with Gary Russell] - Supplied by Joe Persek

[WWDJ Survey picture with "Original" Bill Bailey] - Supplied by Joe Persek

[Pictures of the WWDJ Top 97 of 1971] - Supplied by Joe Persek

[ORIGINAL WWDJ Survey & Bwana Johnny] - Supplied by Joe Persek

[WWDJ Survey picture with Ronny Grant] - second one by Joe Persek

[Mike Phillips] - Supplied by Peter Kanze

[WWDJ Survey picture with Al Brady] - Supplied by Peter Kanze  

[WWDJ Survey picture with Al Brady#2] - bought on Ebay

[Mike Phillips & some listeners] - Supplied by Bill Hollis

[Picture of the top of the WWDJ Top 100 of 1972] - Supplied by Vince Santarelli

[The WWDJ Coverage Map] - Supplied by John Brown

[WWDJ "Radio World" Article] - Supplied by John Brown

[WWDJ Letterhead] - Supplied by John Brown

[WWDJ Staff Picture & Air Schedule] - Supplied by John Brown

[WWDJ Office Folder Part 1] - Supplied by John Brown

[WWDJ Office Folder Part 2] - Supplied by John Brown

[WWDJ Original Profit & Loss Statement] - Supplied by Peter Kanze

[WWDJ Blank Memo] - Supplied by Peter Kanze

[WWDJ Internal Memo] - Supplied by Peter Kanze

[WWDJ Return Address Label] - Supplied by Peter Kanze

[WWDJ Cover Page]