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St. Lucy's Feast 2019


Feast's from prior years

St. Lucy's Feast 2018

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Older pictures from our past:

[Our graduation program]

[Our graduation picture on SHC steps & master list of names ]


[Individual pictures of each class member]


[Classmate pictures supplied by Valerie (Great Shots!)]


[Picture of our school building]


[1st. Grade picture]


[1st. Holy Communion picture]


Reunion - Phase 1 Photos


Pictures from Phase 1 of our reunion, October 18th.,2009


More reunion pictures from Vinnie's daughter Fabiana


Reunion - Phase 2 Photos

 Pictures(first set) from Phase 2-SHC Reunion

Denise's (second set) collage has been added!

 Pictures(third set) from Phase 2-SHC Reunion

 Pictures(fourth set) from Phase 2-SHC Reunion

 Pictures(fifth set) from Phase 2-SHC Reunion

 Pictures(sixth set) from Phase 2-SHC Reunion

 Pictures(seventh set) from Phase 2-SHC Reunion

As a last piece to our first series of Reunions, there is a collage of those who participated or ran into this last year.

Also included is a First Grade corner of those who where with us part of our time together.

Click on picture or here to go to collage.

In 2010, it was 50 years ago that over half of our graduating class entered the

First Grade at SHC Grammar School. To recognize that occasion,

a "virtual" First Grade Reunion page was set up. In addition to everybody that has

been in contacted from our eight grade, also tracked down were:

Andrienne Casale,  Joseph Cifelli,  Mark Cervasio, Rocco Perna, & Joseph Fargnoli..

[Reunion 1st. Grade picture]


[Original 1st. Grade picture]


2010 St. Lucy's Feast 1st. Grade reunion collage

Frank has supplied the sight with some old shots.

Can you guess who is in these pictures?

[ Frank Visco photos-Part 2] [Frank Visco photos-Part 1] 

Miscellaneous Photos

Felicia, Denise, & Valerie 09/2012:

1.) Felicia's son's wedding Click here

2.) Italian-American Dinner Click here

A 2010 Cherry Blossoms picture of Denise & Valerie  Click here

2 pictures of Rickey's 3 lovely daughters Click here 

A 2009 Columbus Day parade picture of Valerie & Denise Click here 

A Christmas 2009 dinner picture of Felicia, Denise, & Valerie Click here

A picture of Laura Everetts & her grandson Tyler

A picture of Joseph Malit in a war re-enactment

 MaryJo (Cugliari) Palma & Matt Lopreiato Click here

A current picture of Felicia, Denise, & Valerie Click here

  Denise, Felicia, & Valerie(with the guys) at a Nanina's In The Park fundraiser for Italy's earthquake victims.

Pictures from the 1992 Wayne Manor reunion:

[More 1992 Sacred Heart Reunion - supplied by Valerie & Denise G.]


[1992 Sacred Heart Reunion - supplied by Valerie]

Miscellaneous Photos

Valerie's 40th birthday party

A Christmas Card collage

First Grade Christmas Ornament

Felicia, Denise, & Val celebrating together on June 14th. 2013, 45 years to the day of our graduation.

Father Ryan & Joe Bianchi

Frank, Gary, Joe B., & yours truly. The 4 of us together for the first time in 46 years!

Who remembers this store on the corner of Bloomfield Ave. & Parker St. ?

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