Erie Railroad-Newark Branch

Samax - once known as Frey Chemical

Sight of the old Riverside Station

Samax(once known as Frey Chemical), which was reported to have received cars years ago, is again receiving cars.

First 2 pictures are the train approaching the old Riverside Station location.

Old station location(Riverside Station)

Old location of the Pittsburgh Plate Glass factory

Next pictures are the view from Route 21 in Newark.

Next 3 pictures are old some old siding at Samax(Frey).

These 3 pictures were taken on 12/21/2007

This picture below is of the first car to be delivered to Samax(Frey Chemical) in years. It was taken on 12/05/2007

 Things are hot on the Newark Branch! There are at least 4 gondolas delivered to clean things up. These pictures below

were taken 12/05/2007 near the old Frey Chemical Plant.

The 2 pictures below are the gondolas parked on the side of Route 21 and after they were taken away(notice on the left side the tanker car left after they took the gondolas away)



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