Erie Railroad-Newark Branch

From the Belleville Turnpike

Oct 15, 2002 NS Local H84 with Conductor Chuck Latore and Engineer Chuck Gardner crossed over DB at 11:27AM west bound with the 3046 (still in blue paint). and six loads, all BFGX cars. Numbers 1347, 1351, 1262, 1325, 1219, & 1365 with engine 3027 on the rear ( still in blue paint ) It was slightly over cast! All these cars will remain at Spartech as storage silos. The return move east with hazy sun, saw the 3027 lead three empties, CEFX 50649, CEFX 50082, FPAX 890014, and the 3046 on the rear enter onto the bridge at 2:01PM, and exit the bridge at 2:05PM. An unexplained stop with the entire train properly spotted allowed the huge crowd of one to get photos at several angles. :) By 2:11PM the NJT motor boat was pulling away from shore at DB to retrieve the bridge operator. At 2:16 PM the swing bridge started to open, and at 2:18PM it stopped in the open position. And the train doesn't run here ...... any more! And that was a rap! With the anticipated rain tonight I was home liming my yard by 3:30PM. :) Bob Bahrs

Next set of pictures taken by Gabrielle Porcaro(b.05/13/94)

 08/03/2008 & 09/01/2008

The from the bridge that crosses over the old Newark Branch line heading toward Jersey City

Next 3 pictures were taken by Kevin Wong. They show the DB bridge that the above pictures lead to.

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