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The reason this page exists is just to add to some of what Allan Sniffen created.

With out Allan, my page could not have been done. Much thanks to Allan & all his work on the WMCA page.


Graphics from The New York Times:

New York Times Stuff

Here is a great sight with lots of WMCA stuff:

New York Radio Archive

 (Flash! Peter Kanze also added some graphics)

More WMCA Photos

Little Petey Kanze

Thanks to Peter Kanze byway of Allan Sniffen for this bumpersticker




                                        UPDATED 04/30/2009

 Mary Shaw & others have contributed some WMCA related photos: More WMCA Photos

Super WMCA Good Guy Fan, Gene Knight, has contributed Hooper Radio Ratings sheet from January Thru April 1964.

Loved the WMCA Good Guys since I was 10(week of 11/17/64). Click below to see what was on the survey that week. Another contribution from Good Guy fan Gene Knight.

[11/19/64 WMCA Survey]

 Here are some of the first ARBS:

Arbitron Ratings: May 1965

Arbitron Ratings: January/February 1966

Arbitron Ratings: June 1966

Long Live The Memory Of The Good Guys !

This page dedicated to the memory of my dad, Fiorentino Porcaro

Who used to play fabulous 57 when he drove me to school

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