Erie Railroad-Newark Branch

Highfield Station Area Page

The above video of gondola's being delivered was taken from Frankie Deee's kitchen(lucky guy!)

Another video brought to you by Frankie Deee


Train approaches the Highfield Street Station Location



Pictures below taken by Gabrielle Porcaro(b.05/13/94)

Tracks near Whitford & Highfield(the old Nutley Station Location(two right shots12/30/2006))

Hey, where is the Highfield Station?

(look at the bridge in the background)






Highfield Station area & trestle on a nice fall day

Some shots of the original wall from the old Highfield Station


More pictures taken by Frankie DEEEE(12/01/2007)

Following pictures taken by Frankie DEEEE(04/05/2007)

Note! These shots were taken by my friend of over 30 years, Frank Dotoli.

They were taken from his backyard at about 10:00AM in the morning.



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