When Class Still Mattered

Posted by Joseph M on June 03, 2005 at 23:25:57:

The title of a bio on the life of Vince Lombardi came to mind as I read some of the posts on the loss of WCBSFM, the title "When Pride Still Mattered". The lack of class on the part of Infinity management is as shocking as anything else that happened today. Thirty three years.33. 3-3. I could go back and recall the world of 1972, but I won't. I will ask why in heaven's name the station couldn't have put together a goodbye weekend. WYNY did it. Hell, even WNSW had a farewell day when they switched from standards. WABC gave long time listeners time to adjust and did a great, great farewell show.

Ask yourself is it to much to ask to allow listeners some of which have been there since the beginning a little time to say goodbye. Infinity has lined it's pockets with millions earned from the folks that have listened over the years. Could their feelings for this one time great radio station been thought of. The Infinity management responsible for this fiasco must answer the question, Have You No Shame? This is not about business or demos or any other impersonal wording someone may use to explain away a callous act. The majority of the people posting here as well as the station listeners understand the harsh reality of an ever changing world. We have watched loved ones die, seen communities change, said goodbye to friends, changed jobs and watched our children grow. What did these fools think the listeners would do, take to the street, maybe storm the building, perhaps boycott sponsors. What we are talking about is class and decency and feeling towards your fellow human being.

Goodbye CBSFM, thanks for the memories, way too many mention here.

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