Bobby Finch(former 97/WWDJ disc jockey)

                     My memories of Al Brady


Al gave me a great opportunity in 1973, hiring me right out of college

to do the swing shift at 97DJ. Just before my first shift he pulled me

aside and said that he would like to give me an "air name" that

had a little more punch. That didn't surprise me and I figured that

I'd end up being called Doug Smith or Doug Jones or some

nondescript last name. Instead he told me he wanted to call me

Bobby Finck. When he hired me at WXLO we went through the same

name drill again. This time he came up with a much better name

...Robert K. Oliver.

Later, when he was at WNBC he gave me another thrill

...introducing me to Wolfman Jack. Al and I didn't see each

other for about 30 years but we spent a couple hours swapping

stories and catching up in 2002. I was glad I had a chance to thank him,

in person, for all he did for me. Al was a real class act.


Doug(Bobby) Finch